Management System

Quality Management System .

ISO 9001:2008

Policies and objectives.
Maximum customer satisfaction is our driving force. Deliver goods on time. Know the value of security. Forward with valuable personnel. Environmental knowledge.
Purpose of Quality

Commitment to customer satisfaction is key
Production and service quality continuously.
Deliver products and services on time
Focused on security operations. To work effectively
Development of human ability. To support ongoing system development.

Environment management System

We are standard with ISO 14001

Environmental objectives.

Committed to improving manufacturing technologies. To maintain the quality of the environmental impact minimal.
Commitment to prevent environmental impact from its activities
Commitment to reduce the use of resources and activities to promote a new optimization
Laws. Include requirements from other customers. Or related Strictly environmental.
To create awareness and educate employees. The environmental problems that occurred and are involved in the remediation and prevention. As well as those who do business with. Ongoing
Develop environmental management systems. Ongoing

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Environment Report Result

Environment Report Result #2

Safety  management System

OHSAS18001 : 2007

TIS 18001 :1999

Corporate Social Responsibility